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Crossing wild Hawaiian C. elegans with the familiar lab strain reveals genes that benefit themselves by making mother worms poison offspring who haven’t inherited the right stuff.

Source: Selfish genes hide for decades in plain sight of worm geneticists | Science News


Something from/for the heart.


The temperate isles of the Mediterranean are home to sun, sea and delicious dishes thought to hold the key to good health. But what is it that makes a Mediterranean diet quite so good for us? Victoria Taylor, Senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, gives her view on the healthy benefits of the sunshine cuisine…

Source: Why are Mediterranean diets so healthy? | BBC Good Food

Science probes the risks and rewards of “de-extinction”

Source: Should we bring extinct species back from the dead? | Science | AAAS

With the announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize winners around the corner, we revisit some articles from the archives that offer lessons from laureates

Source: Nobel Prize-winning lessons | Science | AAAS

Disney World is the most magical place on Earth, especially if you’re struggling to pass a kidney stone. New research suggests that riding roller coasters can help coax a stone out, Gizmodo reports. A team of researchers took a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 20 times while wearing a backpack containing a 3D-printed, transparent kidney with a stone inside.

Source: Roller coasters can help you pass a kidney stone

Sounds cool!

The hard structures started forming before the long reign of the dinosaurs, and they did so for a specific purpose.

Source: Why Turtles Evolved Shells: It Wasn’t For Protection

Who needs the Bionic Man?

New study shows that the same cellular machinery exists in humans

Source: How some salamanders regrow their limbs | Science | AAAS

I guess the debate is over, and what we all sus(ex)pected!

New study suggests a common ancestor for all three skin coverings

Source: Human hair, bird feathers came from reptile scales | Science | AAAS

Big oil is not alone!

New study tallies the carbon footprint of criminal acts

Source: Does crime curb or contribute to climate change? | Science | AAAS