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Japanese artist projects expressions on human face – Video – CBC Player.

For my artist friends or just those needing some ideas for your next cocktail party.


Gallery: What animals eating each other looks like ScienceAlert.

A little dinner conversation. Bon appetite!

Neuroscientists can now switch memories from bad to good Science Alert.

mild electric shock vs “…a very pleasant experience… spending time with TWO female mice.” Not going to go there; best to read the article in Nature.

Sifter | Science/AAAS | News.

In case you have a misbehaving dog! 

Is ecology explaining less and less? | Science/AAAS | News.

This should spark some hot debate in the department!

Use of differentiated pluripotent stem cells as replacement therapy for treating disease.

A good overview for those interested.

The cancer drug that almost wasnt | Science/AAAS | News.

Who is telling the truth?

Sifter | Science/AAAS | News.

Do Australians ever learn from past biological import mistakes?  Only time will tell!

Castrated water fleas grow to gigantic proportions | Science/AAAS | News.

Water fleas ok, but some things are better left alone, lol!

Meerkat alpha females are cannibals | Science/AAAS | News.

Wow, they look so playful!