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Cholesterol Forges Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer.

Cholesterol, Obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s – now what?

Are Alzheimer’s and diabetes the same disease? – health – 27 November 2013 – New Scientist.

This is not a big stretch to accept! Watch out Otto Warburg!

New treatment for osteoporosis (Science Alert).

For my older friends!

Nature’s Best

Nature's BestNature's BestNature's BestNature's BestMiddlesex County, Ontario 2013Middlesex County, Ontario 2013

Nature’s Best, a set on Flickr.

Will start posting more now that the grant is done!

Scientists grow artificial skin from stem cells of umbilical cord – Medical News Today.

A little late for Dick Clark ;-O

Education Is a Waste of Effort—But It Doesn’t Have to Be – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus.

An interesting take on an old problem.

What is Significant? Reevaluating the P-Value.

Well this is a fine mess! Now what?

FDA tell genetics tester 23andMe to stop selling DNA kit

Frightening what results you might expect from fly-by-nights like this.

Nobel Laureate Schekman Offers NIH His First Post-Prize Talk – The NIH Record – Novermber 22, 2013.

It’d be nice if we could get some administrators (and scientists) to listen to these words of wisdom.