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Stem cells show potential for treating rare skin disease | Science/AAAS | News.

Another giant step forward.


Dogs really do listen to us | Science/AAAS | News.

I’m sure glad they don’t repeat what we say!

Guts of obese dogs look similar to those of obese people | Science/AAAS | News.

Let me guess, love handles, can’t get into size 28 designers…really guys! Oh, the microbiomes!

Kisses transfer 80 million bacteria | Science/AAAS | News.

Just another reason to brush your teeth! Bet you didn’t know it was that many germs! I’m curious if the number could be reduced if you ate garlic beforehand.

Study of gay brothers may confirm X chromosome link to homosexuality | Science/AAAS | News.

Well this should stir the pot, again!

Sifter | Science/AAAS | News.

For a mere $3M you can have one too!

Chromosome helps fruit flies hold their liquor | Science/AAAS | News.

They actually develop opposing thumbs so they can hold a shot glass – not really!

Stem cell recipes go head to head | Science/AAAS | News.

And the battle rages on!

Stunning fossil shows pregnant mare and fetus | Science/AAAS | News.

An unbelievable find!

Canadas universities and colleges generate billions in economic activity.

Try telling this to Ottawa!