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BBC News – Immune system boost ‘fights cancer’.

Another small step towards slaying the giant!


A lesson for policy-makers from the life of Tony Pawson – Capital Read, Inkless Wells –

I wish this could be posted  on the front door of our legislators’ offices.

Celebrated Canadian scientist, Tony Pawson, dies at 60 | CTV News.

A sad day for Canadian science and science in general. I’m sure he’s still doing experiments as I write this!

Be wary what you see and even more so of what you read!

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Internet Comments | Science/AAAS | News.

The ASCB Post – Science News, Comment, Sicentific Intelligence and Blogs.

The power of social media. Adopt it or go by the way of the Dodo!

Blocking key enzyme in cancer cells could lead to new therapy.

What do embryos know that we as adults don’t?

For those who want to learn more, check out the Warburg Effect. Otto Warburg’s discovery was not too well received when he was trying to promote it, but he later went on in 1931 to win the Nobel Prize, so I guess he got the “last laugh”! Enjoy and feel free to pass this on. Cheers.

Burnt sugar derivative reduces muscle wasting in fly and mouse muscular dystrophy.

Scientists build artificial human ear with 3D printer – Computer Business Review.