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An Essential Step toward Printing Living Tissues : Wyss Institute at Harvard.

Originally posted by , but it’s such an interesting concept and certainly a breakthrough area in regenerative medicine. Thanks


Doggie DNA Fingers Those Who Don’t Scoop Poop | Science/AAAS | News.

So it may not be a stem cell/regenerative medicine issue, but I couldn’t resist! It must be post-Olympics withdrawal.

Skin Cells Become Liver Cells | Science/AAAS | News.

Science fiction 5 years ago, may be even 5 months ago! The pace is just unbelievable.

Science and Technology Consultation – Industry Canada.

To all my Canadian friends, taken from the Canadian Society of Molecular Biosciences: “The Canadian government requests input from the public on views and suggestions on how to move forward in science, technology and innovation. As scientists, citizen and voters your voices will be heard and it is important that the government receives responses from a large number of you. Numbers count in politics, here is an opportunity to have an impact.”

Let’s “Own the Scientific Podium”

Redox Regulation of Canonical Wnt Signaling Affects Extraembryonic Endoderm Formation | Abstract.

Hear ye hear ye! “ROS is not all that bad” says the student to the prof!

Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking: TV show graphic and link | Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog.

From the Knoepfler site. If you’ve followed Stephen Hawking in past, then this is a must. It airs on Monday.  BTW, Go Hawks Go – too many years at UW, I had to!